Alternative property investment

Property Investment Reimagined: Secure Fixed Returns, Enjoy Passive Income, and Forget the Hassles of Being a Landlord

Income that is FIXED

Experience a steady investment growth. You will receive a 5 year fixed return minimum of 6% per annum, that’s 30% over 5 years.

Income that is PASSIVE

Investing with NO landlord responsibilities, you earn straightforward, property-secured interest income.

Investment that is SECURE

As a LOR Property investor, you’re money is secured in a selected property. It’s the same level of security that banks have when they provide mortgages. 

Investment opportunity

Series 1 provided investors with a 5 year fixed return of 6% per annum, that’s 30% over 5 years.

Investment Amount
Monthly Income
Annual Income
Total Income
Total Returns
SERIES 1 – Fully Subscribed (€1.1m)

Series 1 of our investment opportunities is now fully subscribed, and the properties financed by our investors are showcased on the Property Portfolio. We are excited to announce that Series 2 is now open for investment

Series 2 – Now open
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Alternative Property Investment Opportunities

Your money is put to use to produce high-end refurbs to ensure optimal valuations, attract quality tenants, minimise turnover and therefore maximise rent income. It is from this stable income that we pay your investment returns.

Invest and Earn a Higher Rate of Interest

Sell Property Quickly

Hassle Free Passive Income

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Lisa O'Reilly LOR Property Solutions providing alternative investment opportunities

meet Lisa

Lisa has been involved in property since 2008 and in 2021 she founded LOR Property Solutions. She uses her financial project management background to provide passive, low risk alternative investment solutions to High Net Worth (HNW) Individuals and companies whilst providing high quality housing to the people of Waterford.

Hassle Free Passive income

At LOR Property Solutions we Specialise in stable passive income returns. Speak to us today about the ways we can help you. 

Some Recent Projects